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In Honor of Shadow – June 2009

November 30, 2010

In Honor of Shadow

He was number one in his obedience class and practiced everything he learned. I can vividly remember every time I had to “correct” him, and take it from me it wasn’t all that often. Following me everywhere seemed to be his mission. I took care of him but really it was he who took care of me. He was a gentle giant, loyal to his Dad in every way except food. And that is just all right with me. That was the only area I was ever second. Shadow was a great listener. He always knew his place…which was really where ever he was but he never really knew that. His place, he thought, was always right beside me but I feel it was an honor to walk at his side. In the car he always gave up his window to Rudy without a word. He was accepting to a fault. He was afraid of the thunder and the vacuum. Go figure. If anyone ever picked on Rudy…Shadow would lay on them. If anyone ever picked on Shadow…I would lay on them! His tail would swing like a windshield wiper if he liked you. His tail was never still. He’s in hundreds of photos and has co-authored over sixty columns. With his brilliant black coat and large frame he is nothing less than magnificent. Shadow was sensitive, always going up to his chair whenever I would, like an idiot, raise my voice and I would go up and get him and tell him it was alright. He created the word “NOOK” which really means No OK. Like when I would tell him “No.No.No. No. OK you can have it” That drove Mary nuts. Shadow lived up to his name as he always “had my six”.

But of all the things he taught me, and there were a lot of them, the one I need to remember now is patience. Patience to let memories be just that. We cried together. Me, because I didn’t want to let him go and him…well because I was crying, just as I am as I write this.

I just have to be content to know his days now, before his next assignment, are spent studying resumes of those hopefuls who will continue his work with me. And of course his input to Shadow’s Box will continue from a higher perspective.

For now,

Days are a little less long.

The quiet times a little too quiet.

My hand a little more empty without his head beneath it.

And life seems a little less full.

But when we go out on his trails in Kincaid

If you look deep into the woods

You’ll see a dark figure with a glow in his center

And there is my gentle giant smiling back at you.

I will miss you my best buddy. You will always be number one in my class.

I love you

Your Dad

Shadow went home on May 1, 2009 at 11a.m. He will be missed.

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