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Letter From the Heart – August 2010

November 30, 2010

“Rain rain, go away, come again some other day.”

I think I may have said that last month, and sure enough this past week has been “the day.” This is by far the wettest July anyone around here can remember. So I guess we just keeping paddling like ducks and hope for a dry August and September.

We here at The Mary Cox Team are constantly striving to find innovative ways to better serve your needs. One of the best ways, is to continue to educate ourselves as to the workings of today’s housing market as well as better ways we can improve ourselves, so our commutative skills stay sharp.

For example, Anne and Questa part of the next eight weeks (I think there are 4 left as of this printing) attending what is called a BOLD seminar. As Anne says, it’s more than Real Estate, it’s “a way of thinking.” And one of the number one things we do is contact our clients, just to check in. See how you are doing and do you need any help navigating this constantly shifting stream of information coming in about Real Estate.

Yet it teaches so much more than interest rates, balance sheets, etc… It teaches us how to listen. Listen to you. Listen to ourselves. If we can do that we can communicate better. And if we can do that, we’ll know ourselves well enough to get out of “our” way and hear what our clients are saying. The results create good rapport in both directions.

Here at The Mary Cox Team we don’t talk in how many houses we sold last month. We talk about how many families we helped. That is what we do. Real Estate is just the vehicle by which we do it. So you may be getting a check-in call in the near future. It’s just a “check-in” and not a “check-up” because we know the latter…can be annoying at times.

Keep on Paddling

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