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Letter From the Heart – February 2010

November 30, 2010

Ah the New Year and time for a bit of reflection and direction.

First the reflection. This is the time when we send out the settlement statements from this past year and of course the names of all our clients who bought or sold a home come across our desk in the process. How things have changed for these folks in just the last twelve months. Yes, buying or selling a home is a big change, but personal changes happened as well.

We think of Joe and Jamie , Nicholas and April, and Spencer and Rosalee who are new to Alaska and all the adjustments they have to look forward to. Let’s face it, it’s a whole lot different than San Diego (actually better we think)…

There’s Regina and David, who are now enjoying their warm, new home. We know they miss that camper they lived in their first summer here (Ha Ha). Les and Lori have moved on to the East Coast while Ron and Debbie, not quite as far, stopped in Idaho. Oh, yeah, Henry and Joan, we know you’re reading, also to Idaho to be near their son and his new family (we were blessed to help their son Eric when it was his time to move to accept a new job). And then there’s perhaps the biggest change of all: a baby. Well Lincoln and Leeann know what to do with those extra bedrooms in Kempton Hills and Daniel and Kristi have welcomed a little bundle into their house.

Closer to home, we have welcomed Questa and Amber to our team and regretfully say good bye to Jacit, who is moving to the Kenai. And of course, our dear Shadow passed this past May but sent us Sara Bea to keep things going around here.

As for direction, our team is nearly complete. With that comes the kind of service I have always wanted to offer, from a real voice on the phone when you call, to being able to show a home to you on short notice, from knowing that the transaction will go smoothly from our end, to anticipating and planning for delays from outside sources. We look forward to your continued support and as always, are happy you feel comfortable referring us to others. Thank you from our hearts.

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