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Letter From the Heart – July 2009

November 30, 2010

As I look out the window, I notice something that has become vaguely familiar this summer. SUN. Yes it has been one of the most beautiful June’s I can remember. Nobody will be complaining over the winter that “We had a horrible summer this year.” With it being clear and sunny almost everyday, or cloudy in the morning and burning off in the afternoon; it’s been hard to keep my feet in this office. As there is work to do to keep up with the unprecedented demand for our “TEAM” this year, I still yearn to get out and do a CMA or simply open a door for an inspection. Whatever gets me outside!

The one bummer about this summer is the passing of most of my perennials in my garden. Seems the inconsistent weather caused it to warm up in November and fooled the plants that it was time to “wakee wakee eggs and bakee”  ( the MC on the cruise last month used to say this. Yikes!)  And so most of them expired without ever seeing the light of day. So it seems the greenhouses are raking it in as we gardening folks flock to get in on the “specials”. (Look dear-it’s 5% OFF!) But, I must admit, the garden does look beautiful again.

Did anyone catch the list on the internet of the ten best places to start over? Guess what was the number one growing place to “begin again”? Yep. Anchorage Alaska. Now this is a two-edged sword. First it’s nice to have the moniker, but bad if folks flock up here as they have done in other places. We have a pretty good secret up here wouldn’t you say?

Speaking of which, it’s time for an update on the Real Estate Market:

As of June 29th, 2009, there are 1215 Residential houses and 703 Condominiums on the market. There are 433 Residential and 167 Condos currently under contract. The average sale price for Residential is $318,840. For Condominiums the average price is $198,522.

The average sales price is down from 2008, but the market has been active, and interest rates are still low.

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