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Letter From the Heart – July 2010

November 30, 2010

I bought my house several years ago. Since then Dave and I have worked on upgrades, as we all do, to increase the pleasure and value of our property. Like I said, we purchased awhile ago, and though we have the pleasure of helping several people find their ideal home and a daily basis, sometimes it’s nice to “walk in someone else’s shoes” to gain a fresh perspective.

This perspective was provided by one of our team members, Anne, who has made the decision to sell her house recently. She went over the logical reasons: schools, upkeep, house payment etc…. And while we talked about it for several weeks, she just wasn’t ready. Her heart wasn’t there yet.

Then she started cleaning a closet. After that catharsis, she went “crazy”(her words), and de-cluttered a corner, got some staging advice, touched up some paint and fixed the little things that needed to be done. After that she was then ready for her house to go on the market. She stepped away from it being her house, allowing it to transition into someone else’s home.

As she talked about these things at work, it helps us remember that this is not an easy step. Sometimes, it’s very joyful, like needing room for a new baby, or moving into you first house, while other times it isn’t quite a euphoric. She talked of the humbling experience of keeping her house clean with two little ones running around and hiding all the dirty laundry before a showing of the house. Experiences like this help our team remember what all our sellers experience and how hard it is to make decisions and go though changes during, what may be a very difficult transition time.

This story is about sellers, but remember, if you’re buying today, you’ll likely be selling in the future. Here at The Mary Cox Team we continue to refresh our understanding that the process is always an emotional one no matter the conditions.

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