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Letter From the Heart – May 2010

November 30, 2010

We were set to power wash the house. I was ready to get my garden back on line. Spruce up here. Trim up there. And then…8” of fresh snow! It’s April 17th and there is SNOW on my garden!! If I didn’t love it here so much I would really consider, think about, passing thought…about moving? Nahhh… We love it here. It’s just that we are the global warming experiment. What is next? Ice skating with fireworks on the Fourth?

We took the straw off the flower beds which we put on to keep the bulbs warm all winter and so far so good. The ground is still a bit frozen, but compared to last year’s debacle where I lost over half my flowers, things are good.

Of course the Client Appreciation Party on the 6th of May is always a great reason to get everything cleaned up for Summer. The house gets a going over from top to bottom (yes Dave) that includes the Studio and front to back. The grass may be a bit browner that I like it and the trees will be bare, but there will be the flowers on the steps for you to take home as it is true every year.

Diane’s is catering this year and you will be able to meet Jessie our Visual Designer and Lester our new Transaction Coordinator. Anne will be here as well as Questa. Sara will be in the kennel with Rudy and Kovu ready to be formally introduced to all you great folks.

I have been blessed as we haven’t missed a beat around here. Things seemed to have picked up where we left them last year, and houses are moving. We have such a different market than down south. I just smile when I‘m in an airport and people find out I’m in Real Estate in Alaska. They always want to hear some gloom and doom about the market to keep their market stories company. We just don’t have those issues here. We live in paradise abet a snowy paradise didn’t you hear? Well I believe that’s true but not because of our market. This is just a beautiful place to live…even if it does snow  8” on Tax day.

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