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Letter From the Heart – November 2010

November 30, 2010


In- teg- ri- ty


1. Adherence to moral and ethnical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Integrity. Very interesting word. It cannot be bought or taught. It can only be sought.

If one has it they are sought out: if one doesn’t, they can be bought out. Being bought out can be taught. Being sought out on the other hand is a reflection on both the seeker and the sought.

This word play, though a bit sophomoric, still makes a good point. Chances are most of you are reading these words because somewhere along the line you interacted with me or my team. When that happened you decided to have us assist you in you real estate needs.

We feel we operate from the plane of integrity when dealing with you, our clients. We hope you recognize this and that is one reason why you chose us to work with. There are hundreds of realtors in this town to choose from, yet you not only chose us, but refer us on to others who need assistance steering though the myriad of options (and yes paperwork.)

Not only must we have integrity, each and every person we work with and refer to you, must have this valued trait: loan originators, home inspectors, title companies etc…

If we don’t choose these people wisely, then our integrity is on the line.

And so standards must be maintained so we can assist you through the maze and not lose our center. If the point of the compass comes off the paper, then the circle is broken.

We like nice, round circles that keep coming back to continue the process.

I have used the word “choose” ad- nausea  in this article because we here at The Mary Cox Team know you always have a choice, and we thank you for continuing to choose us as your realtor and hopefully…your friend.

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