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Letter From the Heart – October 2009

November 30, 2010

Ah the end of another summer in Anchorage. And what a summer it was. Remember the days of June and July of 80’s weather. For those clients in the lower 48 reading this, 80 degrees is almost too hot for here. But it was great. Then came the August rains and the grass finally grew and everything had a different kind of glow. And now here it is September 24th and the trees are holding their leaves letting us enjoy them as long as they can before they drop with the advent of winter.

I speak of the weather as Dave and I are going to be traveling to the Lake Tahoe area of California for a National Multiple Listing Service conference. The temperature? 81 degrees. It is even hotter in Redding where Dave is going to visit his Mom and Dad while we’re there. The temperature? 101 degrees! He will roast. After a week, Anchorage will be a more welcome sight than usual.

This coming year I am honored once again to be voted in as president of the Alaska MLS. For those of you who have looked up properties on-line or are receiving searches from our office, this organization is where that information is generated. But the service is much more than just a list of properties. Its purpose is to foster an environment of cooperation between its members for the purposes of buying, selling and leasing of real estate. We maintain the integrity, consistency and history of the data including active, pending and closed properties.

Some of these areas will be topics of discussion during the 3-day conference. Most of the changes we will be seeing in the coming year will come from this meeting. The MLS team, along with myself, will be bringing the pertinent ideas back for implementation to benefit you, the client. Exciting times are ahead for sure, but also a bit scary. But then those two usually go together.

Enjoy the fall. Hope it’s still here when I am writing next month. Until then,

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