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Letter From the Heart – September 2010

November 30, 2010

I hope you have enjoyed the two-part series on Sara (the miracle baby) Bea. It was a very emotional experience for our family, but now when she goes to see the doctors, she is a star and they all can’t wait to see her. She is an inspiration to all of those who care for our pets and don’t always see the outcomes the way they wish them to be. I would like to thank all of those who helped her recover, but especially Sara herself, who I believe “willed” herself to walk again.

Dave thought, since we haven’t been out of town since “the event”, and since we are going to Salt Lake City to visit family next week, that we should do a trial run to see how she does overnight. So we went down to Girdwood. We were going to stay at the Alyeska Prince Hotel, but it seemed a bit pricy and it was going to be full because of the “Blueberry Festival” whatever that is. I shopped around for a bed and breakfast and found a beautiful one on Vail that was actually built as a B&B. The name is Hidden Creek, and it was BEAUTIFUL. All the guest rooms are on the first floor, with the incredible kitchen and dining room on the second level and the young owners live on the third. The rooms were tastefully decorated and very quiet. We really didn’t want to leave at check out but they are almost always booked and so we were out by 11 with guests due in at 2.

Dave and I walked around Girdwood, spent 15 minutes at the Blueberry Festival (where there were hardly any blueberries) and took a leisurely drive home to find Sara Bea and the boys who barely knew we were gone. I guess that’s a good thing…and a bit humbling.

Dawn took care of everything while we were gone on our “experiment” and so we both feel very comfortable going out to Utah for a few days. Oh and by the way, what IS that out there? Sun? 71 degrees. Humidity. Finally July…in August.

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