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Letter From the Heart – January 2011

January 3, 2011

Whew! Another Christmas season completed. All the presents were bought and wrapped so neatly, only to be torn open with abandon (especially Jessie’s pup Lilly who opened them all for her before the day itself-my what an attentive little girl). Then all the phone calls were made to loved ones as we live so far away. All were doing well and enjoying the visitors. Then the dinner. You know the one where it takes longer to clean up than to cook and eat it. Well this year our family decided to go out to dinner and let someone else do the cleanup. Yes there are no leftovers but that is a small price to pay. Then it was off to a movie matinee, which is a tradition in times gone by, and of course we chose the wrong one. But it was fun. Finally a relaxing evening at home with another movie (of our choice) and gazing at the empty dishwasher and equally empty refrigerator.

Dave says he always looks forward to “Boxing Day”. I wasn’t familiar so he explained. Boxing Day is celebrated in Britain, Australia and Canada mainly. It is the day after Christmas and is considered a bank holiday. Of course, like this year, it is the first working day after Christmas. That day is either celebrated as a day to open the “alms box” and help the poor, or a day for folks who have to work on Christmas (like our favorite coffee gals) to have a day for their families. The employers of these folks often would give “boxes” of gifts as a thank you for working while everyone else is off. I asked my Grinch Dave why he likes it and his answer “Because the holiday is over and everything can get back to normal!” Bah Humbug to him and his entire ilk I say.


Here’s hoping your holiday was a great one and hope to see you sometime in the coming year.


Take Care,



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