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Is it time for a home Energy Audit?

February 10, 2011

The costs of running a home go up as temperatures outside go down. You can reduce those costs significantly by getting an Energy Audit for your home.

A professional energy audit will give you a comprehensive report on all the ways your house is losing energy. The auditor will check all the building components and systems that affect energy use, such as ducts, windows and doors, insulation levels, and heating and cooling equipment.

They will also do a “Calibrated Blower Door Test” that will help determine the overall snugness of your home. To pinpoint specific leaks, “Thermo graphic Inspection” records temperature variations on the house’s skin using an infrared camera. Dark areas on the video indicate spots where cold air is coming inside.

Making your home more energy efficient is not just a nice thing to do for the environment, it can also rescue your wallet. The difference between a snug, energy efficient home and a leaky one could mean thousands of dollars in savings.

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