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Letter From the Heart – March 2011

March 1, 2011

As I write this I have just finished standing in the driveway talking to APD officers and firemen from the Sand Lake Station. Reason? I reviewed a call that alarms were going off at my home and so I rushed back to find no damage, just a lot of noise. Seems the combo Smoke/CO2 Detector had malfunctioned in one of the bedrooms and set off all of them. One of the firemen were able to ID the perpetrator as a short in the wiring.

I was reminded of two things as I stood there in the driveway (they wouldn’t let me inside until all was “clear”). One was how these systems designed to protect us and our loved ones do need to be checked out regularly to insure they are still operating at 100% efficiency. (a good case for spending the few extra dollars and getting the well-made models). The second thing that came to mind was the courteous and professionalism of our police and fire department. They arrived quickly and stayed late to be sure all was well. I am grateful that all was OK at the house and my thanks to APD and the folks at the Sand Lake Fire Dept. One of them was even my former hockey goalie, Chad Martin.  🙂
I am off next week to the RE/MAX convention in Las Vegas. While I am going down for the activities and visiting with my fellow Anchorage Realtors, I am very interested in getting the take of other teams across the country and what trials they are going through along with what they are finding successful. Whatever I can bring back is bound to improve our service, so I am very excited!

Spring is in the air. You know that 30 mph wind that carries with it a wind chill? Yes, you can just catch a whiff of flowers ( or is that doggie doo? With 3 doggies it’s hard to tell anymore). But when I return it will be time to start to switch out the snow blower for the lawn mower and back to my GARDEN!! And don’t forget the annual Client Appreciation Party is coming so make plans to come on over for a bit. It will be in the first week of May, but the date has not been set.

Well I’m off to get another dose of “Spring” as I button up my coat and pull on my boots.

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