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Letter From the Heart- April 2011

March 24, 2011

Yes the snow is retreating and spring has sprung. Well according to the calendar anyway. We are beginning the task of getting ready for the Client Appreciation Party. The party will be on Thursday, May 12th this year and there is quite a lot to be done. This is when Dave and I have those yearly things done on our list. Fun? Not really. Required? Really! We clean up all the dirt left over by the snow, clean the garage floor from all the dirt left over by the cars and clean the lower walls of all the winter dirt left by “you know who.” Then there’s the window, carpets and that corner behind the refrigerator that nobody ever sees.  It think we’ll forget about that this year. The pups are always on their best behavior to see all of you, so I do hope you can RSVP and attend this year.

As for things having to do with the “structure” of our home (and not the cleaning) Dave and I attend free courses put on by the Alaska Craftsman Home Program Inc. Their website is  (907) 258-2247
These are classes which last 2 hours on average, and they cover everything from Building Science Basics to ice dams to heating. It’s really interesting how all the elements fit together in building a home that is structurally sound and in compliance with the current codes. What is more interesting is seeing homes that are less that up to code let alone structurally sound. When looking to purchase, whether for residential living or investment, these classes can teach you what to look for, before buying. They don’t replace the value of a home inspection, but they can inform you if you want to continue the process to hire an inspector.The classes are normally held from in the evenings from 7-9 so it is convenient for work schedules. The address of the classes is 3400 Spenard Road #9.  Might be worth checking out, the lead instructor’s name is Jim Ward. See you in May!!




Take Care,


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