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DocuSign, The fastest way to get a signature!

March 29, 2011

Using DocuSign to add an electronic signature to a file is quite straightforward. You simply log into your DocuSign account via your web browser and click the New button. From the dialog box that opens, you can browse to any Word, Excel, Powerpoint or PDF file to which you want to add an electronic signature. Clicking Next allows you to choose or enter a recipient’s email address as well as a personal note.

In addition, there are advanced options such as reminders. Drag and drop fields onto the file, such as the recipient’s name, title, company, signature and date. Click Send, review your message and send the file to the recipient for an electronic signature. Users can add custom fields as well, and the site offers videos and other tutorials to learn about basic as well as advanced options.

Signing documents is easy for recipients, as well. They receive an email informing them that their signature is required. The email includes a link that when clicked takes the recipient directly to that document. The recipient is asked to adopt his electronic signature, which consists of a single click. They are then asked to review the file to be signed. Clicking Next takes them directly to the first field in which their signature or initials are required. A single click adds the electronic signature or initials and moves the recipient to the next field. If there are fields that require additional input, such as the recipient’s title, the field indicates such.

When the recipient has completed the electronic signature process, they simply clicks the Complete Signing button, which allows them to print the file as a PDF if desired, as well.

Once your recipient completes the electronic signature process, you are immediately notified via email.

If you are seeking an electronic signature platform that is easy to use, affordable and provided by a company that is well-established and of good repute, you cannot go wrong with DocuSign.

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