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5 ‘Most Innovative’ Mobile Apps for Free!

April 29, 2011

PC World recently released its top picks for most innovative apps for 2011 mobile apps for tablets and smartphones that have the potential of making your life easier. Here are five free apps that made the list for iPhone or Android:

1. Fring: An upcoming version of this app will offer free video group calls with up to four people at once.
Platform: Apple’s iOS, Android
Price: Free

2.UpSoundDown: You can put your phone on speakerphone mode automatically by just laying your phone down on a table or turning the phone upside down like you’re using it as a microphone. When you pick the phone back up, you’ll be able to use the handset again.
Platform: Android
Price: Free

3. Zite: This app learns what you like to read and then scans your Facebook and Twitter feeds for news based on your reading habits. It then populates a virtual magazine with content that is tailored to your reading habits.
Platform: Apple iOS
Price: Free

4. Adobe Photoshop Express: You can manipulate photos using this app’s simple features on your iPhone or iPad and then store your photos on the Internet to access from anywhere. Coming soon: Photoshop for iPad, which works like a desktop version of the Photoshop software, which includes layers and effect features (price to be determined for iPad version).
Platform: Apple iOS
Price: Free

5. iSwifter: iPad lovers will appreciate this app, which allows you to watch Flash videos and view Web site animations.
Platform: Apple iOS
Price: Free

Source: “The Top 15 Innovative Mobile Apps in 2011,” InfoWorld (April 2011)

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