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Letter From the Heart May 2011

May 13, 2011

Welcome Spring!

We are cleaning up early this year! Yeah! Everyone is out raking and getting their grass cleaned off. There is even some green around town. As I type this there a beagle barking in the background. He’s barking at the grounds keepers as they try to clear off his winter deposits. Dave and I trimmed the rose bushes and I had the good folks at Tall Trees clip the trees. All getting ready for this year’s Client Appreciation Party which is coming around on May 12th from 5-8pm. That is a good reason to clean everything up right Dave? (I don’t think he’s listening.)

As for moving around, it seems people are moving around and it feels like momentum in the market place. This being said, the fact is only 28% of the houses are selling so the old adage still holds true for buyers-they are not looking for something to fix up unless they are investors. Pricing and condition are still the essential factors. While properties tend to look nicer on the outside (curb appeal) as we move into summer, the key is to start clearing out the INSIDE! It is difficult for potential buyers to see THEIR stuff in the home when there is so much of YOUR stuff in its place.

I see interest rates remaining around 5% for the near future so if you are thinking of putting your home on the market give us a call. We have been staging some homes lately and it is really making a difference! But remember, staging only works when there is less to stage.

Hope you are getting a jump on the season. Remember to leave some time for play!

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