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Garden Secrets

June 29, 2011

Growing your own vegetable or herb garden can help trim the fat on your grocery bill — and your body. Here are some tips that you should consider before you let your garden grow.

Start by making a list: it’s easier to plot out garden beds when you put everything down on paper. Write down the herbs you commonly use and look up their soil, light and water needs. Take note of a plant’s growing patterns; mint, a popular herb, tends to overtake gardens so is best planted by itself.

There are some hard and fast rules for growing veggies as well: Potatoes are known to inhibit the growth of tomatoes and squash, and beans can slow down a patch of onions.

When considering which fruits and vegetables to plant, it’s important to remember that their are cool and warm season crops. Cool crops include cabbage, lettuce and peas; warm crops include peppers, cucumbers and melons.

And finally, size matters. Novice gardeners should begin with a plot of no larger than a 11′ square. That will allow for nine 3′ x 3′ areas and enough walking space among the crops. Trying to take care of a large garden with little experience can be challenging, but a smaller well-maintained area is more likely to yield success.


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