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Letter From the Heart – September 2011

September 9, 2011

Alaskans are a unique group of folks. We were either born here ( I am not in that group), or we came here from elsewhere (that would be me). While we are a melting pot, it is always a treat to meet someone, over 35, who was born here and has chosen to live here their entire life. Such was the case at the Conner’s Bog Dog Park the other Saturday. While out with the gang (the 3 Dog-a-teers) we happened upon a dog with a bright orange collar. It was in training and, of course our three didn’t quite understand the word: training. Unless there is bacon involved, training might as well be another language.

After a bit, this disciplined dog’s person emerged from the woods. He was a big man in pretty good what I will call “outdoor shape.” A very pleasant man (I will call John S) had a calm demeanor with an inviting smile. He stopped and talked for quite a while and then walked along with us. This is a bit unusual as folks are there, not so much to socialize, as to “get-er done.”

As our dogs “socialized” we learned that John is pilot for Alaska Air Lines. Of course Dave had to pepper him with “do you knows” all of which John did know. John, it turns out, was born in Alaska and lives a mere ten minutes from the airport. He has flown for ERA and Alaska his entire career, and has only had to drive that same ten miles to work. John loves his work and Alaska.

Talking with John that day made both Dave and I so comfortable that when it was time to split up (he was going on further), it seemed a bit of a loss. A very enjoyable time was had by all (pups included).

Then just before we went our separate ways, John asked if I was “Mary Cox.” I said yes, and he said he gets this newsletter (and probably recognizes himself by now). He said he was thinking of taking the Sudoku on his flight that day to Southeast!

It’s these kinds of interactions that make living here such a joy.  Dave caught an interview with someone on NPR who lives in Washington, but is from Anchorage. She loves living in the area of Forks but went on about the things she misses about Alaska.  This is a unique spot in the world. I guess that’s why so many return after living “outside” for a bit.  (…and of course it’s raining as I write this, but that’s part of the beauty).


Take Care


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