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Letter From the Heart – October 2011

September 30, 2011

Change. Some people seem afraid of it. Some folks embrace. I think it all depends on your own experience with the concept. It is said that all change is good, but perhaps it isn’t in all instances.  We’ve all heard it said “all clouds have a silver lining” when it’s really just a thunderstorm that leaves you all wet. But this passes and you dry out.

Some change can be quite beautiful. Look outside if you live here in Alaska, and see the colors of the leaves. Things are changing and it is quite beautiful. There is snow up on the mountains. Some see that as wonderful because they enjoy the winter as well. Perhaps they ski or ride snow machines or some other outside winter activity. Others welcome this change with dread. They immediately start counting the days until solstice and the days begin to get longer and spring is right around the corner.

Change is inevitable. Things will always change. It’s a matter of perception. I heard a saying once;

“Change the way you look at things: and the things you look at will change”

It has worked for me in my life to remember this, especially when I don’t care for the change I may be seeing in front of me. The “change” is always there if I look for it.


As for change in the market place, we still find ourselves in a neutral market in Anchorage by the fact that we have 4.79 months of inventory. August sales price on a residential home was $323,700 which is down $1500 from last month while the number of sales is up 2.2% from this time last year.


Remember to CHANGE  your clocks back one hour (2 am to 1 am) on Sunday November 6th.   

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