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Today is “Rudy’s Day”

December 27, 2011

My honey wrote this wonderful letter for our sweet Rudy, who left us after his long struggle with cancer. We love you Rudy Boots! 

As I write this, my little Rudy Boot is lying here next to me in the house office. I look over at him while I write and see a gentle, loving somewhat arrogant doggie. My eyes fill with tears as I turn back to my computer screen. I can hear the coffee brewing in the other room. Rudy probably wouldn’t know it was me without the ever-present cup of decaf in my hand. He’s looking up to add “it was the treats Dad.” Of course.

Like I said, today is his day. It looks like most other days which makes it that much more special. There won’t be any treats today unless he wants them, which he doesn’t seem to anymore. We will go out to Little Campbell Lake where he can watch his brother and sister romp in the fresh snow. He will have no inclination to romp with them, but then he doesn’t like the snow anyway, or the rain or baths for that matter. “The best water comes from a bowl!” he gently reminds me. Today is Rudy’s Day and I will take photos of him to add to the thousands that I already have. These will be photos of his day. We will go on our “rounds” because he loved to go on Real Estate rounds. “I just loved to go, Dad” he pipes in while I’m taking a sip of coffee.

If you’re blessed enough to have dogs in your life, then you know they live to eat. When they stop eating, they stop living. Yesterday Rudy stopped eating so this is his day. He’s resting but not all that comfortably. He knows I know. Rudy could have been run over, like that day this past summer when that Subaru almost backed over him while he was stretched out for a piece of popcorn under the oil pan. He wasn’t. He could have been lost and alone without his family, his beautiful face on a poster for lost dogs with a reward that would never be large enough. But he wasn’t. He could have ‘this’  (his tumor broke a blood vessel) while we were still in Mexico last week. But he held on until we got home. He’s that kind of dog. No, my little Rudy Booty is right here beside me waiting for the limo that will take him to be with his brother, Shadow on the Other Side.  With his eyes I can hear “I may need a little help Dad to get me on my way. “I’ve already made the call Boots. Your travel plans are all set.” He lays his head down again as if to say “Thanks Dad”.

Rudy’s book, A Walk in the Woods: The Tale of Rudy Boots is destined to become a classic to those folks who are fortunate enough to have a copy.. Rudy has always been a best-seller. He sold Mary and me the day we went to pick him up from Gene and Kim’s, his former home. He’s “sold” me for the last nine years as he never wanted for anything, least of all love. And the tears just keep coming.

Rudy is happy that the coffee stands we frequent give free coffee to us, since the bones are way too expensive. The girls say they want to come back as one of our dogs in their next life. I can’t say as I blame them.

And so Rudy, my little friend, thank you for the time you chose to spend with us. You won your freedom over cancer and now you’re off to be with Shadow at the “Rainbow Bridge” where all new adventures await you two with your younger, healthier bodies. I know you’ll be waiting there when the time comes for someone to write somethingabout me. Until then, we know we will always have you with us, and we will smile each and every time we see one of your many photos. We love you little guy.


Mom, Shadow, Kovu, Sara and Dad

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  1. Cindy Niwa permalink
    December 27, 2011 8:46 pm

    wow this is such a touching story, Rudy had such an amazing life. I’m so glad there is a rainbow bridge where they can wait for us, its just so hard sometimes.

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