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The Mary Cox Team Recipe Book

January 11, 2012

Two years ago my team and I made a recipe book from our favorite recipes and the favorite recipes of our friends, clients & family. I’d like to get back to that, this coming May at my 13th annual client appreciation party, and we want to put out a 2nd edition. So please… send me your recipes! You can email them to me at or mail them to me at 110 W 38th Ave St 100, Anchorage, Ak 99503.


Here’s a recipe out of our first book for your enjoyment.


Caesar Turkey Burgers

Courtesy of Jessie Heikes


2 Lemons

1 Lb of ground Turkey

Olive Oil

Crusty Rolls

Shredded Parmesan Cheese



Dijon Mustard

Worchester Sauce


Burgers: Mix ground turkey with zest of 1 lemon, a handful of shredded cheese, Worchester Sauce, and season with salt and pepper. Makes 4 patties, cook to your preference.

Buns: Cut crusty rolls in half, put thin layer of mayo then top both sides with shredded cheese, and put in oven to melt cheese and crisp rolls.

Caesar Dressing: In separate bowl, mix 3 parts olive oil to one part lemon juice. (Squeeze both your lemons for 4 burgers) whip in a dollop of Dijon mustard and salt and pepper to taste. Keep in separate bowl and use for a dip or/and soak your lettuce in sauce before putting burger together.

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