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Letter From the Heart – March 2012

March 2, 2012

Tax (Photo credit: 401K)

We asked earlier this month “What could you do with an extra $300 at tax time?”

Well, quite a few of you, 237 to be exact, responded that you could sure use that extra money in your wallet. In fact,
the total for those who did respond comes to around $71,100! All that for simply sending us your name and the address
of your residential property to which we returned the forms and an envelope addressed to the proper office within the
Municipality. It’s called the personal property tax exemption and you may qualify. The deadline is March 15th 2012, so
we thought we would reiterate the offer here on the front page of the newsletter for those of you who may not have been
aware that is opportunity existed. If you have already taken advantage, please bear with us as we want as many of our
clients, friends and associates to apply for this offer.

So….if you could use an extra $300 at tax time, please send us
1. Your name
2. The address of your primary residential property

We will send you the forms and the envelope. If you are reading this and it’s already March, you had better hurry. The snail
mail may take up to a week to get to you and the forms need to be into the city NLT March 15th!

On another note, our own Jim Gibson will be leaving us…but only for a week. He’s going down to the Re/Max Convention
in Las Vegas. No cold. No snow. However, there will be lots of good, useful information to bring home and share with the
staff and then onto you, our clients. The latest and greatest goings on in the marketplace and what will help us to serve you.
Jim will be bringing home tools that are on the cutting edge as is always the case at this convention.
He is booked into non-stop classes and seminars with his eye on how we can improve our service on every level. We
anxiously look forward to his de-brief when he and Cindy, his sweetie, come home. And Jim is under strict orders from the
office not to have too much fun : )

Again, watch that date! MARCH 15th. Contact us TODAY if you think you may qualify!

Until Next Month,
Take Care,

Mary Cox

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