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Letter From the Heart – July 2012

July 10, 2012

It’s always good to try something new. As I have said before, change is not only good but inevitable so why not accept it and go for it. That’s what I did by attempting a sport I never really enjoyed: running.

I first decided to try something easy…oh like a triathlon. Right. Now I have ridden a bike, but haven’t swam the length of my bathtub in years and we have already addressed the running.  So I and my good friend Maureen decided to meet the challenge head on, even if that head was a collision.  As luck would have it we both finished and performed well in our age group. Our confidence was high even if logic might be low. We entered the Women’s Run and again did well but as the name implies this was only to be running, and it was TOUGH! I really had to re-evaluate my “Never Quit” mantra about halfway through. But I remembered the words and stuck it out. That was the good part. The questionable part was that we again did well enough to consider the Mayor’s Marathon. Just the 5.6 mile part as we haven’t completely lost it.

There were several Rotary members from the downtown club running, including my friend Krystal, who is quite the athlete. Also, my hockey buddy Karen was there to push us along just before packing for a 5 day kayak trip. She’s incredible what can I say.

This run was better and I finished third in my age group. I was quite happy and then Dave had me look at the next age group up, which I will join next year. My time put me FIRST in that age group. So I am off for a run tonight, heading to the Lost Lake Run next month! There’s no stopping me now…except perhaps sore knees, shin splints, wobbly ankles and a plethora of nit-picky injuries that go along with the road work.

So, try something new this summer. If you don’t like it try something else. Keeps you young if nothing else and you will feel great for having “broken out” of your comfort zone.

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