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Letter From the Heart – September 2012

August 31, 2012
Resurrection Bay, Alaska, USA. Photo taken fro...

Resurrection Bay, Alaska, USA. Photo taken from the parking lot of the Alaska Sea Life Center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I write this it’s raining outside. Wait a minute, this I how I began last month’s letter. Yes it has rained this summer. How do I know? By the number of golf and softball games that were cancelled. I admit it: this has been a rainy summer. Not as bad as years past, but rainy nevertheless. Now if we could get just a little less snow this winter that would be great.

For those clients living outside of Alaska, you are probably thinking “What is she crazy? We would LOVE the rain you are getting.” However, like I have said before, we are the only state benefiting from global warming. Yes, I know the ice caps are receding and that is not a good thing, but we have been blessed with favorable weather. I would of course cash in the weather for a stable ice cap as that will affect everyone and everything in the long run.

Being outside is very important to me winter or summer, so it was great to join 700 of my closest “friends” in the Lost Lake Run this past weekend. It would be a beautiful hike if I weren’t running and trying not to trip on the roots. The view of Resurrection Bay was spectacular as were the volunteers. My running partner (not Dave) and I made the whole way. Kudos to Mo!! We have been running quite a few races around town and let me tell you it’s a whole other culture than I am used to. There are some real “die-hards” out there and it’s a large community. It’s nice to see folks I know in an environment that I am not used to seeing them in.

On to the market: It is coming back though slowly. With PFD time coming around next month, folks will be more likely to be purchasing so you sellers out there get ready for the influx. Remember there is only one “parade.” The parade is the first time people get to see your house. It comes on the market into a pool of buyers who have been looking in that price range. You home needs to look its best! For you buyers out there, you will want to get in ASAP in case this is the house you’ve been looking for. This is when it pays to have a team. We have four agents who can “get you in” when you want before it’s gone.

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