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Letter From the Heart – October 2012

September 26, 2012

Face it; we live in a fast food, fast paced society. I am not being judgmental in anyway: that’s just my observation. Folks spend a lot of time looking down at these little black, rounded cornered, rectangular boxes, sometimes plugged into flimsy white headsets. At this point they are almost completely distracted. Now this is fine if a moving vehicle is not involved, but can become a hazard if one is driving. At that point it is best to take your eyes and ears off the “box” and connect with what is going on around or directly in front of, you.

It’s the same in Real Estate. We have all kinds of technology at our disposal to help you find that perfect property to buy, or the best was to list the property you own. We have “portals” we set people up on so they can see ALL that is in the inventory that meets their criteria. Using numerous programs and companies who are “plugged in” we try to reach those who want and could use our help. In our office everyone has a computer. Those computers are going constantly as Lester works with transactions, Jessie and Britney promoting the Mary Cox Team in ways I’m not even completely aware of, and of course Jim and Jerry, constantly previewing, emailing and surfing the web. (Kidding guys on that last pointJ)

Yet with all this information at our “eye and finger” tips, something seems to be missing. No, not an addressed envelope with a stamp. Hardly practical. No, I’m talking about a simple process that involves seven little numbers. Yes, that would be a phone call. We still call Mom and Dad and our children on special days. Why? Because we like to hear their voice. We want to connect on a personal level. We just feel better as we press that “call finish” button. We talked to someone. We connected.

Here at the Mary Cox Team we do most of our interactions and transactions using “technology.” But once in a while we want to connect person to person. To know there is a person there at the end of the line. To just catch up with life. To connect. We can then experience that good feeling as we hang up the receiver. We smile and then back to” Mr. Jobs.”


Take Care and us sometime, We’re always here for you,

Mary Cox

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