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The Boys & The Bea

April 4, 2013

Every month I like to check in on what’s going on with my furry family. Although Shadow and Rudy are frolicking alongside heavenly clouds now, they are still in my heart and in Sara and Kovu’s too. Chinook (also known as Nook) is a neighbor dog that we walk and take care of, so although he lives next door, he is very much a part of our family as well.


Rudy, Shadow & Kovu

Rudy, Shadow & Kovu

Shadow: The subject this month of our Doggie Drivel is snow. More to the point, doggies in snow. Now I for one love the snow. I am big and black and I show up very well against the “blanco background.” Also, my dad is big and wears too many clothes so he sticks out like a sore paw so I would never lose sight of him. Don’t care much for when it blows because…well that sort of blows. See, I cannot find my dad when it’s blowing and that is my whole function: to be with my dad.

Rudy: I, it seems, are (is whatever) the ultimate “blanco background” and therefore detest snow. I have been left numerous times because dad thinks I’m in the car when in fact I am in the…snow. They used to put one of those cheap red blinkers on me but the battery seemed to always die within minutes after touching the cold. Useless. And besides, snow is just frozen rain and you who have been paying attention know how I feel about the wet stuff!

Kovu: I like the snow. I love going camping in the snow. The best part is curling up in the tent in the small of Dad’s back and snoozing until morning. I used to like the way it made my muzzle look white like I was an old man. I don’t much care for that aspect anymore, as my muzzle IS white when there is no snow. Plus it’s fun to eat. I’ll eat any snow that isn’t yellow. Yes people we know what yellow snow means and it’s not attractive to us either (except to smell and pick up those phone numbers.)


Sara Bea

Sara Bea



Sara: SNOW!!! I LOVE SNOW!! I love it when it’s so deep that only my tail sticks up like a periscope (whatever that is.) It’s fun to see if I can jump up above it over and over until I am completely out of breath. Then of course I am in need of treats which Dad gladly provides as he thinks all my activity has culminated with me losing weight. I don’t believe that’s how it works, but I always welcome the treat. Sometimes the snow collects in little balls in my paws and that hurts. Rudy and Kovu used to get them all the time. Me? Sometimes. Dad digs them out and we are on our way again. I remember when Rudy had those booties put on him. Three steps in those and he had them ripped so bad dad couldn’t return them. Those little balls can be painful.








Nook: Obviously I live for the snow. I don’t get those little coats and mittens people put on their friends. All dressed and nowhere to go I say. I sleep in the snow. I just burrow in until I’m sleeping in a hole and let the wind blow by and I’m in heaven. The only thing better is dragging Dad through the deep stuff. What great fun…uh for me. Not so much for Dad. Anyway, it’s like each time you see those Alaskan movies who is it saving the day? Me of course!

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