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The Boys and The Bea

May 2, 2013
Rudy, Shadow & Kovu

Rudy, Shadow & Kovu

Sara Bea

Sara Bea

Shadow: The Client Appreciation Party is coming this month..
and well we appreciate it. What we appreciate most is seeing all
you folks that come to visit. Now you won’t see me or Rudy as
we spend most of our time elsewhere, but Kovu and Sara will be
out in all their splendor.
Rudy: Right. However, our photos are everywhere. And, I might
say, my photo is dominant. If you look I am everywhere in the
house AND my book is right out on display. I don’t want to say
it’s all about me, but I too do appreciate…me. I know you all do
to, so come on out and appreciate the food, and the games and
of course me.
Kovu: Oh brother. Can you believe him? It was always about him
when he was here and it STILL is! It will be great to see all of
you. There was a time when Mom used to keep us in the kennel
instead of letting us circulate with our friends. But now you get
to pet us and hear us beg for food. Actually the only one that begs is Sara. She begs enough for all of us.


ChiNookbegs is Sara. She begs enough for all of us.

Sara: Excuse me. I, like all of you, am a rescue dog and we never
knew where our next meal would be coming from. So, it might
just be on your plate. It’s not like I drool or become overly
obnoxious. I just sit there with my incredible cute look and, well
the food just comes. Like banana from heaven. Or is that manners
from heaven. In any case it’s delightful.
Nook: Well I’m afraid I won’t be seeing anybody. See I live
across the street and I’m a bit of a loner. Dave calls me the
lone wolf, which is about right. However, I do see all the cars
and I know Mom is loving all the company. Dave will likely bring
me treats from the party so please don’t eat it all. I’m just over
here so give me a wave and I’ll give you a woof.

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