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The Boys and the Bea

June 7, 2013
Rudy, Shadow & Kovu

Rudy, Shadow & Kovu


Sara Bea

Sara Bea





Shadow: We just had the Client Appreciation Party this last month. Since the front page of the
newsletter is always filled with photos of the party, I thought we might talk about what we
like best about Mom’s shindig. I like that Dawn got the chance to do the food thing. She did a
great job. There was more than enough and it all looked great! And Jessie, Lester and Kelleigh
were great with the photos and the games. It just ran real smooth and seamless which is what
I am all about.
Rudy: What you’re all about? Oh forgive me oh Zen master Shadow as this lowly grasshopper
knows not of your hidden meaning.

Shadow: My meaning could be your throat under my paw, now what do you like about the

Rudy: (choking at bit for effect) Ahem. Right. Well what I liked best are all the photos of me
all over the house. I mean, I’m everywhere. Look all around and it’s me. Me. Me! Oh yeah, and
I like the fact that Lisa Gillory’s daughter Desi was here. She’s my fave!

Kovu: I liked the way everyone just accepted that Sara and I were there. We were able to
wander around, gather a few “loves” then lie down and sleep and nobody bothered us. That’s
how I like it. Good folks who know when to just let this old man be an old man. Not much
“oooing and kooing”. That’s my kind of party. Oh and thanks for the ham bits from the little
girl in the boots.

Sara: Are you kidding? You got ham? Thanks for the cracker crumbs I might say. Everyone
was good and didn’t feed us, so it was up to dad to see we didn’t starve, which was a distinct
possibility. I love crowds. There is so much more herding potential. However, there’s little
area to herd in the house, so I ended up herding…myself. When I found myself in a corner,
I herded myself out. I didn’t really like when I nipped at my heels. I finally gave up and laid
down, which is what those I herd usually do. Strange being on the other end of that stick . I
slept very well that evening thank you.

Nook: What party? Was I not invited because I don’t like to be indoors. Or was it because Sara
and I don’t see eye to eye on anything? Or is it because I act like a wolf when in public, but like
a puppy with dad only behind the fence In my yard. Maybe it’s best I didn’t go to the party. The
ham was sure good though. Thanks for that dad!

Sara: Yeah dad. Thanks for all the ham you gave me. Not!

All: Always a good time. Hope all of you enjoyed yourself, and those who couldn’t make it, there’s
always next year. Same time. Same place. More Rudy photos.

Shadow: Wait. Who said that??

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