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The Boys and the Bea

July 9, 2013
Rudy, Shadow & Kovu

Rudy, Shadow & Kovu

Shadow: Today we are talking about MOOSE. Yes, Bambi on
steroids. The very same. Moose are not cuddly. Moose are not
pets. Moose are just plain crabby. Just like golf tends to spoil a
good walk, same goes for moose. Dad is always on the lookout
for these sneaky guys and gals. They hide and stay still, waiting
for some neophyte like Boots to meander by and then KAPOW!
Walk over. If the hairs go up and the those ears go back it’s
time to go! Don’t even get me started on Moms and babies.
Give all moose a wide berth.

Kovu: I once saw a guy eat mousse. Really. It looked like he
blended up dog food. And then he ate it! Yuck! He seemed
to really like it and offered some to his girlfriend and she ate
it too! I looked in the glass and it didn’t have any hair in it. I
wonder how they did that. I guess the same way my dad (Chris)
gets those little bones out the salmon before he gives it to me.

Rudy: A wide berth. Isn’t that for sleeping, cause I never see
them sleeping. They don’t sleep. They wait for me to pass by,
and then try to tenderize me. Except for that one time I didn’t
give them their space. Of course that one time he just wanted
to play so I didn’t run as fast as Dad, you and Kovu. Dad seemed
a bit out of sorts that day. No worries. I calculated there was
always 3 inches between me and his hooves.
Still Dad didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day.

Sara Bea

Sara Bea

Sara: I once saw a guy put one on his head! Well, he called it
mousse. It was all sticky and goopy and weird. “Look I’ll put this
mousse on my head and I’ll be attractive to girls” he must’ve
been talking to the neighborhood cats, their hair sticks up like
that too. My guess is he was trying to attract the girl from Kovu’s
story. Then, unbelievably he gave it to this girl to put on HER
head. To me it looked like their hair was sweating and then it
dried like cement! Strange mating rituals these humans have.
I hear some people even make the moose poop into jewelry
and sell it to tourists. What a racket that is. Serves them right a
guess. Buyer beware what you wear.



Nook: Uh….What is a mousse?

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