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Letter From the Heart – July 2013

July 11, 2013

Yes my friends it’s summer. I mean really summer. As of this writing it has not rained the entire month of June.
The weather is great and so is the real estate market.

Curb appeal. We all hear about curb appeal. The concept is as the weather improves and you constantly water
your yard and as it blooms, SHAZAM! up goes the value of your house. While this is true to some extent, houses
tend to sell in the summer for the same reasons they do in the winter: they are a good value. That means the
inside as well as the outside.

It’s true that if your yard is full of weeds with stuff strewn about, people will tend to by-pass your property
thinking the inside is a reflection of what they are seeing on the outside. That may or may not be true but it’s
human nature to only look at the surface and move on. Investors tend to look past certain things as they are
looking for a rental or to flip the property. However, most folks are looking to buy their first or second or perhaps
their last HOME. That home for them could be your house, if it looks good for the “parade.”

The parade is all about the first 2 weeks your home is on the market. People who are looking in the price range
of your home have seen everything and are looking for something new to pop up. And they want to see it right
away before anyone else, especially if the inventory is tight in their price range. Your home could very well be
that home they are looking for and they just haven’t seen it yet.

So, if you want to take advantage of this increasingly improving market, get your home ready to show both
outside and more importantly the inside. Like with people, it’s really what’s on the inside that counts.
Oh and one more thing. Fix the easy little stuff. Sometimes people see the little things not being fixed and
wonder what “big” things might have been left unattended.


Take Care,

Mary Cox Sig compressed

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