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The Boys and The Bea

August 2, 2013










Shadow: This month the subject is bears. There have been a
lot more bear sightings on the hillside area this year and one
close encounter involved dad, Kovu and Sara. The photo shown
is the two teens playing at the soccer field below Bear Valley,
where we often go looking out for moose and killer rabbits.
We’ll start with…
Rudy: There are two kinds of bears here in our state: big ones
and little ones. The big ones are quite grumpy and are to be
avoided for health reasons. The little ones are OK but tend to
have way grumpy mommies and so they are ..well see above. I,
myself, have never actually seen a bear except in those Disney
movies so my opinion, while always valuable, may not be as
useful here.
Kovu: I, however, have seen lots of bears. When I go fishing with
my other dad Chris, we see them all the time. Of course we are
stealing their food and so I can see why they are grumpy. I
just steer clear and Chris leaves the food if they really want it.
Actually, to add to Rudy’s backward analysis, there are brown
and black bear and I hear there’s a place where it’s soooo cold
they actually turn white!
Sara: Let me at ‘em. That’s what I told dad when we saw those
two pip squeaks at Bear Valley. I could take them with one
paw tied behind my tail. Come on. Bring it! If I weren’t locked
inside this safe, well- built Jeep with the windows up, well, let’s
just say it wouldn’t be pretty for them.
Nook: Right. Let me add some colors to your paint box here.
Even I wouldn’t go near a bear. Our lives are short enough as
it is. Steer clear and enjoy your treats is my motto. Being half
wolf, I should know. It’s in the back pocket of my genes.

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