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Letter from the Heart – August 2013

August 8, 2013

Oh those dog days of summer. You know the ones where the fan is on in the bedroom all night,
the dogs are panting trying to get to a cooler position, all the doors keep slamming because all the
windows are open. Well we have those right now. For the first time in recent memory it has slightly
rained all of two days in the last two months!
We may be enjoying it but our gardens and grass are having a fit. It’s like we are watering 24/7. It
was 83 degrees yesterday…at 7pm!! Where are we? And the two days it did rain, it was like being
in Florida, it dries up in less than an hour. It’s been great, but we do need a little rain or fall might
be a little rough on the environment.
On a side note, there seems to be more wildlife activity in the city than in past years. More black
bear sightings (see the dog article) and more mother moose and baby encounters. Enjoy the parks
but, as they say in sailing, keep one hand on the boat at all times. In other words, keep one eye on
the scenery and one on the wildlife. Keep everyone safe as best you can.
As for the market, it is still neutral and looking up. Interest rates are creeping up as well. Inventory
is low below around 400K -500K and it looks like folks have taken a July break to just go dip netting
or fishing. Again, as I said last month, if you are selling, make sure you house looks it’s best before
you put it on the market and if you’re buying, have your financial ducks in a row so you can move
right away if you see “the right one”.

Take Care,

Mary Cox Sig compressed

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