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The Boys & The Bea

September 5, 2013
Rudy & Shadow

Rudy & Shadow

Shadow: As I start this month’s column, I note that today, August
26th is National Dog Appreciation Day. Yes there really is such as
day. Around here, every day is dog appreciation day, but it’s nice
to know the President of the bi-pedals has made it official. So if
you look about and see a wee one, give him or her a special hug.
I realize by the time you read this, it will no longer be Appreciation
Day, but do it anyway. They won’t care what day it is. If it’s a day
to be around you, that’s a special day for them.


Rudy: Is that anything like, “Take Your Dog to Work Day?” ‘Cause
if it is, I don’t want anything to do with it. One time Mom took me
to work on TYDW Day and I couldn’t stop sneezing. She finally
had to take me home it got so bad. I was absolutely horrible. I
must be allergic to something in that building.

Kovu & Sara

Kovu & Sara


Kovu: I think it was all the work they keep there. Just didn’t agree

with you. I, for one, appreciate this special day for us. Some
days it seems that the whole day goes by and nobody says a
word to me. Now I know I’m deaf, but that shouldn’t matter. It’s
the thought that counts. Just a scratch behind the ears that says
I matter. That’s all. Sometimes Mom and Dad forget that, but
mostly they let me know.
Sara: Wow! Take your dog to work. Yeah, yeah. Never heard
of it but it suits me just fine. I could turn up the cute and treats
would pour out like a piñata. This opens up all kinds of new
possibilities. I must find out more about this work day thing. As
for the appreciation operation, I take it or leave it. As long as the
treats keep coming, I know I’m appreciated!

Nook: Ditto there partner. When Dad brings me for walking and
has that handful of treats, it just kinda makes my whole day.
Actually that is my day, as I sleep the rest of the time. Which is
cool ‘cause that’s what we do. Sleep, play, eat, sleep. Yep, that’s
about it, and boy do I appreciate it in a big way.
So everyone, Happy National Dog Appreciation Day! Uh…now
where’ my treat?



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