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Letter from the Heart – September 2013

September 13, 2013

This past weekend I took Dave out for a weekend getaway. When it was over, I’m sure
“getting-away” was more what he had in mind.
I decided it would be good to spend some quality time together. What better way to do that than
going down to the sleepy, romantic seaport of Seward. A beautiful day, boats on the bay and …oh
did I forget to mention, a 16 mile race up to Lost Lake (2000 feet up) at 8 a.m. Saturday morning.
This was to be our “date day.” What better way to see all of Resurrection Bay than from the top of
a mountain? The lake is absolutely beautiful and the boreal forest reminds one of “The Hobbit.” I
told Dave all this, but his excitement meter never pegged past zero. “Look” I said, “all you have to
do is get up there in around 3 plus hours of non-stop movement and you’re all done.” I pointed out
the finish, “there’s a T-shirt waiting for you here at the finish. Now his excitement meter was really
moving…in the negative!
Well we finished and took great pains to take care of our tired muscles after it was over. Dave called
it “intensive” care. We treated ourselves to Ray’s for dinner, then retired to our room at the Military
Resort. It has a great shower which was greatly appreciated by me, but lost on Dave. He said the bed
was his shower, and was out cold the second his head hit the pillow.
It was a great time. We saw a lot of friends and had a chance to catch up. The Stevens family is very
involved in the race as is Maurice and Pam Ellis and their folks Bev and Bob. Maurice made it clear
he was the “beer man” in charge of the beer, when the conversation turned to race politics. It was
good to see Alex (who saved Dave’s bacon on the trail) and Mike as well as Karen, who can get off
the couch and run just like that. Amazing.
Dave actually talked on the way home about doing it next year, though it was a low, mumbling voice
so I won’t make any room reservations just yet.
Take Care,

Mary Cox Sig compressed

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  1. Don Dunfee permalink
    September 13, 2013 7:36 pm

    We’ll get Dave in shape in Cabo. Happy hour, Ross’s cigars, long boozy dinners. We will go to the gym, though. We can watch aerobics from the bar. You won’t recognize him after two weeks.

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