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The Boys and the Bea

October 3, 2013
Rudy, Shadow & Kovu

Rudy, Shadow & Kovu

Shadow: This month’s letter is a bit more serious. We all usually have a bit of
a say about the day’s events in the month since we last spoke. This month we
will finish with Kovu and his dog health column.
Rudy: I would also like to say that my new book “Rudy Goes to…San
Francisco” is going to print today. Dad says it is kind of a children’s “Rocky
and Bullwinkle” style comic book. I’ll keep you posted.
Sara: So I don’t get to whine about my living conditions this month? I only
get two walks, treats, chow and only 18 BEDS to sleep on and go everywhere
in the car. I’m feeling I need to complain…



Sara Bea

Sara Bea

Nook: You are an idiot. Look around. You’ve (we’ve) got it better than good.
We have it great! Try giving back. I don’t care what Rudy taught you, it’s not
all about you…
Rudy: I know. It’s about me! And my new book.
Nook: I’m not talking to you Snow White.







Kovu: I guess as Shadow mentioned, it’s my turn. As you know I am Kovu.
I am almost 14 years old and feel great. However, I have had some issues
I want you who a human companions to your pups should know. I have
symptoms of IVS a while back. My eyes would dart back and forth, I didn’t
eat or drink, my head cocked over 45 degrees and I had vertigo. When I went
to the vet, they said what I had and it was like a stroke, but we dogs don’t get
strokes. Dad thought I was going home, but was told to force feed and bring
me in for hydration until I would eat and drink on my own. Dad slept with me
for days while I slowly got my footing and after a few days my eyes settled
down. Four days later I was eating and drinking a little and walking, though
wobbly. Now I am fine as ever.
However, the other night I had a series of seizures. They scared me and Dad
slept with me for 4 nights and calmed me down. I was panting and drooling,
and drinking water. No food though. The vet gave me a Valium (mother’s
little helper) shot to calm me and gave Dad some Valium tablets. Again I
calmed down and slowly regained my footing.
The point here is both times Dad and Mom thought Shadow & Rudy had the
limo ready to take me to the Rainbow Bridge to play with them. Both times
it wasn’t time. So, though it may look bad, we are very resilient and we can
recover. As long as we aren’t suffering, we want to stay with you and keep
So, take a moment and think about if it’s time for the limo or just more time
for us 🙂
Shadow: Well said little Ko.
Rudy: Uh… did I mention my new book?

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