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The Boys and The Bea

November 12, 2013

Shadow: Well this month we have decided to give in and let Rudy talk about his newest book. We decided it was alright since he let us all have a role and even some lines, no matter how small. I, for example play a limo driver (much like I do now), a bus driver and a TSA agent. Now in case you think that stands for “Thousands Standing Around” it doesn’t. It can be a real tough job, especially if you have to deal with someone like…well Rudy.

Kovu: I play myself but I am really a secret service agent and a tour bus-microphone dog. Kind of the same thing I think. At least in the book. It was easy except working on location in San Francisco interrupted my sleep schedule, which is VERY important to me. I kept finding myself saying “I’ll be in my trailer” only I didn’t have a trailer. Very strange business indeed.

Nook: I get to be a piano playing truck driver involved with a waitress played by Sara Bea. Can’t get much further from reality than that last part.  With Sara I play hard to get by staying away from her and yelling at her every time I do see her. I think it’s working. She’s coming around. Oh yeah, I play a screamer at the runway cable car. Very short, but important part. If you need more information for the trailer, I’ll be IN my trailer!

Sara: I think Nook sleeps a lot because he sure is a dreamer. Hard to get? Try hardly to get. Now I play a hostess mind you, and I sneak into a few “Where’s Waldo” type scenes. If you have the book, you should see if you can find me. I’m the cute one. I liked working on location. Different restaurant every night and sleeping late. The problem was of course, the star, being Rudy. But it was OK.

Rudy: My book is call “Rudy Goes to San Francisco”. I travel to the city by the bay in search of adventure and am escorted around by my newest fan, I mean friend, Pinky Pacu. She is this awesome Chihuahua from the barrio. She is a bit fickle as she changes colors like a mood ring, but she shows her city well.

Of course I save the day and come home a hero. Oops, I’m not supposed to tell the ending. I was never here. You didn’t hear it from me. Tear up this newsletter right now. That’s what I’m supposed to say.


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