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The Boys and The Bea….. and Bob

March 6, 2014

Shadow: WHAT’S IN A NAME?  “Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?”  Ah, I wax philosophic. But what is a name. Does it define us? If not, do we answer to it when called? My name is Shadow. Why? Actually, other than my dark complexion, I haven’t a clue. I have always been Shadow. But since Mom got me when I was three, I have to assume I was once called by another name. And so Shadow I am and will always be; Suits me just fine.

Rudy: I was called Cane when I first came to live with Shadow. CANE. Is that for Sugar Cane like in C&H SUGAR (which stands for California and Hawaii by the way in case you were wondering). Or was the spelling KANE as in Citizen Kane. I hope not. Perhaps it was CAIN. I hope for that even less. Let’s go with CANE. The Mom wanted to call me, a boy, Sara. Thank goodness Dad intervened with Rudy. However, he then added Boots which I believe is the name of a CAT! That cannot be forgiven as I am now forever as Rudy Boots. By the way Shadow is known as Shadow Dado, the second part given to him by Mom’s God daughter Taegen. We all have two names as well as two last names it appears.

Kovu: I have always been Kovu. My Dad Chris named me that when I was three weeks old. Why or what does it mean, I have not a clue. I do know is that folks just can’t seem to say it right, or they say “Kovu? Is it Kovu” like it’s some kind of disease. What it is is a unique name and it fits me fine. Dad Dave added Roi as in Ubu Roi from some French play. That’s a bit much. Not as out there as “Kovu the Wonder Dog” which I am called in his next book. You can call me…for dinner thank you.

Sara: When I finally got to my real home I think I went by a series of names, that last of which was Shiloh. However, as Rudy said, Mom always wanted a Sara so my name was pre-determined years before I actually arrived. Now that’s kind of nice as they were always expecting me! The Bea part was added by Shannon the coffee gal. When she heard Sara, she said “Sara Beara” which was shortened to Sara Bea. People often ask “Is it Sara or Bea?” The answer is like Oscar Wilde wrote, I am Sara when all is well and Bea when I am…bad.

Nook: I am a Chinook Husky, the state dog of…Vermont I believe. Go figure. I was introduced as Nookie when Dad began taking care of me. I don’t think he felt comfortable calling a big hunk of dog like me “Nookie” so he shortened it to “Nook” and I am now Nook the Book. Never Nookie the Bookie which would imply a completely different line of work.

Bob: I am Bob. Now Bob is a place holder name that Dad uses for the different animals he encounters looking for a home. I think he does that to distance himself, not get too close, so it will feel better when they find them a home. That was the case with Bobby Beagle for you long time readers. However, this is my home now, and so as with Rudy and Sara, I need a new name. Dad is toying with Basil from the title character in a British comedy Fawlty Towers. If you have any suggestions, please email me at I’m not sure how well Basil will go over with my Mom. I am a Siamese, five pound lop eared bunny by the way.


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