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Shadow’s Box…

June 6, 2014

Nook: First I want to say the even though I tend toward being a loner (it’s my breed) I DID enjoy everyone I came in contact with, except for a few doggies and perhaps a stray cat or two. Oh yeah, and that bird that always wanted to steal my food. Dad fixed his wagon alright. Actually he re-arranged my food. The bird is OK. I want to thank Chris for feeding me when everyone was out of town. You are very much a dog guy. Kovu says so and I agree. Thanks to Desiree. What can I say? You gave me the most beautiful bed to sleep on. I love it and I love you.

As for Mom, you are the best! You not only took care of me quite often, but you and Jim helped me transition when I needed it the most. It would have been too hard to go if dad were here and not in California (whatever that is). Shadow is here and we both feel the same way about you. If you were a dog, you would have wings as you would be our Angel Dog. You were the last face I saw, and you don’t do any better than that. I will love you forever, and I can see now that there is a forever, though we dogs always know that.

Finally, to my dad. I will never forget that day you looked over the fence at me surrounded by those darn, overgrown alders. I didn’t know what those treats were that you were throwing at me, but I sure learned fast. For the past few years you showed me what human love really is. You committed to my well-being. You walked me every day. I was fed the highest quality food. My water bowl was never empty. And best of all you introduced me to TREATS which I had never known. We played hide and seek almost every day until I got bored and wanted to walk. And most of all, you loved me. I love you more than I can ever say. You may feel your heart is empty with me gone, but it’s not. I’m right in there where you made room and I always will be until we hide and seek again. I love you Dad.

Your Nook


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