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Letter From The Heart…

July 7, 2014

I heard a piece on the radio recently about a professor who, at the age of 43, decided to try out for the hurdles at the school where he taught religious studies. He was a hurdler in college, twenty-five years ago, and thought he might give it a try to see if he could compete. He did race and actually beat one other contestant with a time two seconds faster than his goal! The interviewer asked him if, with all due respect, this wasn’t his equivalent to getting a red convertible. The question implied that the professor was experiencing a mid-life crisis and instead of getting the car, he reacted  by racing younger men in a college track meet. His response was, “Perhaps it is. All I know is it’s a whole lot cheaper and better for my health.”


I love that response. At fifty-six I have been competing in the numerous local races in and around Anchorage. Several of these races are sponsored by Skinny Raven Sports which has since become one of my favorite stores. They do a great job and a super service for the community.


Sometimes I hear “You’re running races at your age? Perhaps you should be at home  ____ (fill in the blank). If that’s the case then there are a whole lot of us women out there who aren’t home ____ (again, the blank). I know! I’m racing against them and some in my age group are kicking my rear.


The Anchorage running scene is exploding. All summer there are marathons, half-marathons, triathlons, and any combination of “K’s” as in 5K, 10K and so on. Then in the fall there is Tuesday Night at the Races, which draws over a thousand folks:  Fast. Middle. Kids. And it’s all just for the fun of doing it.

Sure one wants to be competitive but that doesn’t mean it’s less fun. I often tell Dave, as he puts down his latest book, that I love that Anchorage is such an outdoor activity city. We are right up there with the Seattles and Boulders of the world.

For me next is the Mountain Marathon. I might just have to park my competitiveness and just make it up and down safely while joining those other women over fifty who have done it. That would be enough for me.


Hope to see you At the Races!

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