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The Boys & The Bea…

August 8, 2014

Shadow: Hey, ever notice how bi-pedals often don’t finish their sentences? I mean take Mom and Dave for instance. Here they are having a perfectly good conversation, perhaps about me, and then one of them wanders off into the place where our beds become new, or the room with all the water and the other one is left wondering ( or in some cases not wondering) if they’re still in a conversation. My guess? No.

Rudy: Now that you mention it I remember it often when Mom would say something like “Honey bun ( I love when she calls him that) it’s your turn I believe to …” and off she goes into some room, leaving honey bun to conversationally fend for himself. LET ME FINISH IT FOR YOU!!…feed the children! Put it all together: It’s time for us to eat. We don’t care who does the deed but that it gets done! Sheeesssh.

Kovu: Being unable to hear anything but my own thoughts these days I have little recognition of what you speak. I can speak body language and I can tell that when the two come back together with something lame like “what happened?” Dave’s favorite phrase. Followed by “nothing happened” from Mom. Then she or he starts the whole conversation over again. What a waste.

Sara: I’m all over the feed us from my Rudy bro. The rest of it is usually something that doesn’t concern me, like “Sara get off the …” Sara will you just come…” Sara, what are you barking…?” You know that kind of mindless drivel. I just don’t concern myself with it unless the words “food” or “let’s go” are involved and “Let’s go get the food!” Better yet.

Nook: I really never was in a position to comment as I only usually saw either Dave or Mom but rarely at the same time. Dave would say something like “want treats?” and I would answer in the affirmative and that would be that. I always wanted a walk so he really didn’t have to finish that which really isn’t a sentence anyway. “Walkie?” Uh…yeah.

Scooter Bob: “Don’t you think you should…” has got to be my all time favorite. It could apply to so many things and Dave just wanders off, comes back and says something lame like “did you say something?”

Usually it’s something he doesn’t want to do anyway, so I have to give him credit. If Mom doesn’t repeat it then the tree in the forest made no sound. He doesn’t have to do what he didn’t hear. If Mom repeats it then there are usually a whole lot more words than originally stated. Amazing what one learns sitting in this bedroom of mine with a great view. I hope they don’t read this. I’m new here and would not want to get into trouble so mums the word eh?.

If they ask us about our comments we’ll just reply “what happened?” Works for Dave…sometimes.

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