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Letter From The Heart…

August 18, 2014


Last month I wrote about getting a convertible, red sports car. Actually, it was a metaphor for what has become known as a “mid-life crisis.” Quite a few of you responded to my “mid-life” event of running the Mount Marathon race over the fourth of July in Seward. All sent positive “you get ‘em girl” type comments which are greatly appreciated. Nobody commented that it was any kind of a mid-crisis going on: just a challenge which is exactly what it was. I wanted to challenge myself against an obstacle: in this case the mountain.

Then while I was down there I heard a lot of references to a “bucket list.” This list refers to doing a list of things before you “kick the bucket” or die. While there is such a list in the back of my mind, I assure you crawling up a loose shale mountain in seventy degree heat INS’T ON IT! No this wasn’t a check mark in a box like seeing the Great Wall of China or climbing the Eiffel Tower. This was a challenge just to see if I could do it. I had quite a bit of positive training with my friends Alex, Krystal and Laura, so I felt I was ready. If I didn’t feel that way I told Dave I would drop out to which he lovingly responded “Yeah, right.”

Well I did make it and I feel I have accomplished what I came down to Seward to do. Was my time great…no. Did I stop and have to rest a few times…yes. Would I do it again? Maybe with a nod and a wink toward no.

I don’t buy all that “life is short” stuff. Life may seem shorter when you’re doing something yes but it’s the same twenty-four for everyone. However, that said, I tend agree with Jack London (the writer of Call of the Wild) who once said “I would rather be ashes than dust.” Yes, I do agree with that.

…and thanks to John at TSS Photography for the great finish line picture.

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