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Shadow’s Box

August 5, 2015

Picture1Shadow: Since I crossed over in 2009 Dave has always driven by the spot where some of my ashes are (but I’m not) to say hello. He comes every day. I really appreciate it, but what I like even more is the bench he made for me at the pond he takes care of for the Muirwood Association. I think there is a photo of it and the girls lying right in front of it. This means a lot. Folks come and sit on the bench and visit and it’s nice that my name is right there, part of the conversation. Dave comes and reads there with Kovu and the girls about once a week, and even though I’m not there, I know that he is and that’s all that’s important. I am remembered and what else can we ask for…

Rudy: Well I also have a spot named for me you big black lug. It’s called Rudy’s Route and I think there is a photo of that this month as well. Actually it was called Rudy’s Route while I was still there and I still see them walking down the path when they decided Conner’s Bog is where they will go. That makes me feel good too…

Kovu: Excuse me, I must say do you know why it’s call by that name? I admit it is nice to have things named in your honor as this was. But as you observe, it was while you were still there in person. It’s called Rudy’s Route because when we would all walk in the Bog you would always want to cut down that way because it was quickest to the car. And if it was raining you would run (rare for Rudy) ahead of us so we HAD to go back. So Rudy’s Wimp Out Shortcut would be more appropriate but it’s hard to put all that on a plaque..

Picture2Sara: Everyone seems to have a lot of names for me but as of yet nothing names “for” me. I’m holding out for a bridge or a real cool hydrant, who knows. Maybe a LAKE. SARA LAKE. Has a nice ring don’t you think?

Nook:  When it comes to you I try not to think too much. And that lake idea is all wet. Maybe  a puddle. “Sara Puddle” Now that sounds right.

Scooter: I don’t care if they ever name anything after me because, well  I don’t care if it’s after me. I want to be remembered as the Royal Rabbit of Flagstone. I sit here in my throne room high above everyone else and issue edicts. Ones like “I wish my dry kibble now” or “A few more carrots and lighten up on the parsley” or “Do scooper my pooper” You know royal things like that…

Roxy : What a strange place I have landed in Toto… 


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