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Shadow’s Box (October 2015)

October 5, 2015

Shadow: Before Dad fills everyone in on the news, I want to apologize for last month’s “fo paw”

It seems we got cut off before we could finish the poem which ended with

“…or you can do what he would want,” and so the last line is “Smile, open your eyes, love…

And go on.”

Kovu cover

Rudy and Nook: Yep!

So with that cleared up, it’s kind of segue into this month’s piece…


Dad: As you can already see by the photo, Kovu transitioned last month.  It wasn’t a shock, or surprise or even sad really. He was just done teaching what he had to and it was time to go. He didn’t like leaving the girls behind as “who is going to watch them?” but he knew it was his time. And so did we. Ko Baby Roi was all of sixteen years young. That’s 95 in human years whatever that really means. He was just…old. He tried to, and did squeeze every drop of juice out of the cherry of life, and left before he ever got to the pit.

Ko hiked, fished with his dad Chris, and was very outgoing, yet liked to have his alone time. Even after his occasional seizure and IVS (this is very dangerous for dogs over seven. It looks like a stroke though dogs don’t get strokes. The eyes dart back and forth and they have vertigo and won’t eat or drink. You must get them to your vet pronto or they won’t make it.) and the loss of use of one of his back legs, he still liked to give kisses to Mary, and accepted an occasional tummy rub. He had a grey beard, yellow teeth, bad gas and cloudy eyes, but he was still in there: right up to the moment he asked for “a little help” and Shadow powered up the limo and came and picked him. We were all very happy for him: people, dogs and bunny. Now he hikes, fishes and runs like he always did, only better. We love you Kovu…but you always knew that.

You are truly the Wonder Dog!


Shadow: Since Kovu arrived, two more hopped in the limo without calling ahead. Ernie the great Dane of Chris and Maria (Our son and his wife) was somewhat expected due to his size and being 8-10 years old. And then there is Chicken Dog Shep, my good friend’s dog down in Seattle (see photo) which was not as expected and hence no reservation.  In any case it’s good to have a full limo as it makes the party that much better! Now let’s see, one, two, three! That’s all I show… so we gotta GO!

Bye for now! 🙂



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