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Letter from the Heart, The Mary Cox Team November Newsletter

November 9, 2015

snowWell last year at this time I wrote that we returned from visiting my mom in Salt Lake City and there was a “thin veneer or the white stuff” on the lawn and driveway. Again, Dave and I are going to Utah and I DON’T think we will be returning to any “veneer.” Last year, little did we know, that thin veneer was ALL we were going to get!
But, always the optimist Dave is taking the snow blower in for its yearly checkup and getting his snow tires on tomorrow. We will be ready if, when we return next week, there is any of the frosty stuff. We really hope for a good snow this year. Last year was soooo…yucky. No skiing, only inadvertent skating.
I’ll do my skating on the rink thank you.
As of this writing, Tuesday was the last race of the Bonnie Sosa series. It was at Kincaid so it was lit up nicely. This was important since daylight savings time doesn’t kick in until November 1st. (That has already happened by the time you read this I’m sure.) On that note Dave can hardly wait for the extra hour of daylight to walk the pups. Without any snow to reflect the light and it being dark anyway, it is really hard to see the moose having their breakfast. And they REALLY don’t like being interrupted while they are eating.
So with last Tuesday being the last of the Bonnie Sosa races and the PFD checks in everyone’s boxes, daylight savings time in effect, the only thing left is some holiday SNOW. So let’s cross our fingers and eyes and even our tees, and bring on that white veneer. This is Alaska after all. It rains in Seattle, cooks in Phoenix and snows in Alaska. Or so I have heard. I have seen the pictures. I wonder if Mr. El Nino has tickets to Anchorage this year. Though I know hoping for El Nino isn’t always a positive thing.
Adios for now!

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