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Shadow’s Box ( November 2015)

November 11, 2015

Shadow: I know we have had this discussion before: Lost Pups that Dad finds on his rounds. In the photo below is one such pup and it did have a happy ending. This is Prince. He is an elderly dog that Dad found running in a cul-de-sac (whatever that is) on a muddy, rainy day last month. He tried to pick up Prince but the wiley little punk ran back to the rear of the court. Dad thought “Whew, he must live in the neighborhood and just got out. But noooo… back he comes, muddy as a puddle and so, with a treat, Dad is able to grab him, after he tried a bit of a “non bite” and there he is in the front seat, shivering, cold and hungry. Now what”


Rudy: No tags that’s what. Nothing. Nada. No way to trace the owner. So off he goes home with the gang and the dreaded call to Mom. Chris Mary’s son made lots of these calls, some ending with a snake in the bathtub. “But what could I do?” Dave would plead. “I know. I know. Deal with it the best you can”

Kovu: And so here is this little guy sitting on my seat in the car, melting down I’m sure. I would be. In fact I WAS at one time. I’ve been there. I was there when Sara scooted past me at Kincaid when we stopped. No tags. No chip. Just ATTITUDE!

Sara: Whoa there boss. I was told to be on that corner. One second more and you would have missed the pleasure of living with me. I know it was in the stars, because I am one.

Nook: And a pain in the tail as well from what I hear. But you too were found (likely dropped) in the park and Dad did the poster thing but only with part of your head because he wanted the owner to ID your markings. All he really had to do was ask about your disposition and that would have been enough.

Scooter: Nook you are right on there. I was just rescued from another house so there really wasn’t any need for a collar or chip whatever those are. I did get out once and went down the street where some nice boys found me and took me home. They did the poster thing too, but also went door-to-door as the photo wasn’t really my best side. When they got to Dad’s house (mine now) he knew there was only one rabbit in the hood and so I was back on the porch eating dry food and listening to the ear-splitting airplanes going over head (which I don’t hear anymore from my condo on the table. I can just see them)

Roxy: And I was also found and brought to my new, forever home. So a collar is essential and snug so we can’t slip out. A light on the collar if it’s dark out and a name tag with a good phone number like a cell (whatever that is). Finally a chip would be best. If lost we get home real fast. And always check Craig’s List, Facebook and the Animal Shelter, ‘cause that’s the way to find us if we don’t have any of the items I just mentioned. Please keep us safe and we will keep you happy!

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